Unit Hire Requirements

Checklist for Set Up of Ensuites and Restrooms

There are 4 major requirements when hiring our units. Please read through the checklist carefully and inform us if you do not have any of the following.


1. Water Supply

Our units require a water supply that is under mains or pump pressure preferably from a standard garden tap. Supplied in the hire fee is a 30 metres of hose and connections. Extra hose can be provided upon request. Please ensure that your tap is in good working condition. If you do not have a mains or pump pressure water supply we can provide a portable water tank and pump at additional cost.


2. Sewage Waste

Our units have an inbuilt macerator pump that converts all sewage waste into liquid waste. It is then discharged through a 40mm flexible hose into an existing sewer system via an inspection point or similar access. Any EPA approved envirocycle septic tank or soakage system is suitable. Maximum distance to the sewer connection point is 100 metres with a maximum 300mm incline. Flexible hose is supplied in the hire fee. If you don’t have a sewer connection point we can supply a liquid waste collection tank at an additional cost. For longer term hire you will be responsible for getting the liquid waste tank emptied as required.


3. Electricity Supply

The unit requires a standard 10 AMP/240 volt power supply. The use of power boards is strictly prohibited therefore the unit requires its own hard wired power point. Each unit is fitted with a safety switch for your safety. A 30 metre tested and tagged lead is provided in the supply. If you don’t have a suitable power supply a generator can be supplied at additional cost.


4. Access Required – Unit Location


Deluxe Portable Restroom and Deluxe Portable Bathroom:

Our  Deluxe units are delivered on a trailer.

Access required for Deluxe unit and trailer: 3.2 metres high 2.6 metres wide. We prefer to remove the unit directly from the trailer to where you would like it to be situated. However if it is not possible we can unload the unit as close as possible and manoeuvre it into position provided the surface is not too uneven.

Access required for Deluxe unit only: 2.6 metres high 1800 wide 2750 long. Please make sure unit will fit where you need it to go. Also ensure that there is a clear access and you have allowed for manoeuvring the unit into place. The unit needs to be placed on a flat and level area of 3 metres by 3 metres. A reasonably level area is needed to unload the unit off the trailer of 2.6 metres wide by 10 metres.


Classic Portable Restroom:

Our Classic Portable Restrooms are trailer mounted.

Access required for Classic unit: 2.8 metres high 2.5 wide 4.5 long. Please make sure unit will fit where you want it to go. Also ensure that there is clear access and you have allowed for manoeuvring the unit into place. A flat level surface of 2.5 by 4.5 metres is required for safe set up of unit.  


If you are unsure of any of these requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 0407 391 753  or email info@theouthouse.com.au.


Keanan is a licenced plumber and can assist you with any water/sewer questions. In addition, an onsite inspection can be arranged at additional cost.

The Outhouse Portable Bathroom Hire

The Outhouse Portable Bathroom Hire